Land Contract Services

SGMS’s Land Contract Origination and Servicing provides first rate services to both the seller and buyer. Our state of the art software allows for on-line access to owners for account management and our customer service professionals are there to serve the buyers.


Our complete Land Contract Servicing  include:

$45 per month

service fee

  • Attorney reviewed contracts and closing documents

  • Accurate balance tracking and detailed payment history

  • Tax and Insurance escrow

  • Detailed year-end statements

  • Borrower Phone Calls 

  • Annual Interest Reporting and IRS forms

  • Secure Document Management 

  • Multiple Payment options – online – ACH draws- Credit Card and MoneyGram

  • State Compliance Reporting

  • Payment Letters

  • Much More

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The Advantages of using SGMS
for you Land Contracts

When you sell a property under a Land Contract, you take the risks and responsibilities of being a mortgage lender. This means that if you do not follow the laws of  both the State and Federal Government, you risk heavy fines and other penalties. SGMS is there to make sure your land contracts are serviced according to all regulations

Land Contract Origination

Selling your rental or investment properties on a land contract is a powerful tool to achieve the highest returns on your investment.  A Land Contract allows you to capture a bigger purchase audience, convert renters to owners, reduce operational costs, collect a set interest percentage, sell at a higher market price.

SGMS LC Origination can take care of every step of the Land Contract process, correctly, efficiently and cost effectively.  If you are tired of the high operational cost of rental properties –City Inspections/Registrations – Maintenance Cost – Tenant Turn Over – High Taxes – Let SGMS help convert your rentals to Land Contracts. Our team of real estate professionals will work with existing tenants to convert them to buyers. 

We will originate all contracts, deeds, etc. Close the sale, Set up Escrow and then Service your Contracts. 

Imagine getting a monthly check for without ever having to take a maintenance call, meet a city inspector, or clean up after a tenant is evicted. 

SGMS has already retained one of Michigan’s premier real-estate attorneys to make sure all contracts are completed correctly and will act quickly on your behalf if a purchaser is delinquent. SGMS’s access to legal counsel ensures that all enforcement procedures are initiated expeditiously and professionally at all times.

Portfolio Purchases

Do you have a portfolio of Land Contracts that you are looking to dispose of? SGMS can assist. Our executive team has worked with investors from all over the world and have closed deals totaling over $100,000,000. We can assist in the sale of your portfolio to a number of investors in order to maximize your returns. Contact us directly to discuss your situation.

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